About Amiyaa

The question of What should I cook today has been troubling people since ages.

This particular question has a recurring nature of high frequency while also demanding different answers each time thus creating additional pressure on the decision maker.

The Decision Maker has to, in most cases, make this decision on behalf of multiple family members whose varied tastes, food and diet choices have to be taken into constant consideration.

Another important thing to note is that in India, most meals are prepared fresh everyday as we like to eat freshly cooked food. While people do order-in food from restaurants and the likes but majority of the times it is made at home due to various considerations.

The challenge therefore, is to consistently provide nutritious, healthy and interesting meals for the family considering their varied preferences in Daily Home Cooking.

Given all of this, deciding on “what to cook” is an unacknowledged source of anxiety for the decision maker and is a difficult question to answer everyday.

AMIYAA helps make Daily Meal Plans along with offering other tools to improve kitchen management processes. Amiyaa has been designed to suit the typical requirements of the meal planning of the Indian Homes.

The Indian Meal is a comprehensive combination meal consisting of Vegetables (Sabzi), Pulses (Dals), Non Vegetarian Foods, Bread (Roti, Parantha, Dosa etc,.) and/or Rice along with Raita, Papad, Pickles etc.

Having said that the Indian families also have a very expansive palate where they do appreciate other region/countries cuisines viz., Mexican, Italian Chinese, Lebanese, Japanese etc,.

Amiyaa offers a Versatile Meal Planning system where one can plan meals of any type be it Indian or of other country’s cuisine.Amiyaa makes it easy to decide the meal plans, add variety at meal times, be prepared with all ingredients when required and cook a special meal or two to delight the family as often as one would like to.

Amiyaa:What’s Cooking?

Conceived, Designed and Effected by people facing the same challenge