Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

“Amiyaa: What’s Cooking?” App can be downloaded from the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.​

Amiyaa is a free to use App and will continue to be free in the foreseeable future.

Presently all the services in Amiyaa are free. We may offer In-App purchases at a later date.

Presently, Amiyaa is available only via application on iOS and Android MOBILE Phone devices.

For now, the chosen language of interaction in Amiyaa app is English and Hinglish (Hindi in English Script). However, the users can use their native languages to save and share information in the app.

We have put together simple coach marks to help you understand how to use Amiyaa and get the best out of the App.

We would request you to explore the “How to?” option through the Coach Marks given at the bottom of the Plan & Meal Ideas Modules. The Coach Marks are available on demand, should you want to look at them again. Just tap on the Question Mark on bottom right of the screen of the said modules.

Amiyaa’s Meal Ideas is a gateway to your personally Curated Cookbook. It facilitates, exploration, discovery & saving of the Recipes and Meal Ideas through search & suggestions.

You can save all yours and family’s favorite meals and dishes here and organize them in different folders for ease of use.

Alongside, Amiyaa provides an In-App Search of your saved Meal Ideas to enable you to explore and access all information easily.

Once you have this list handy, it can be used for quick meal planning.

Amiyaa does not provide its own Recipes but has thousands of curated Meal Ideas, the recipes of which can be viewed and saved from the internet easily. Having said that, the app enables the users to:

  • Access and explore the recipes on the internet and save their respective links/URLs in their own Meal Ideas folders along with related information.
  • Bring in all the Recipe Links that are saved in other places and consolidate all information in the App.
  • Write and Save their own recipes and
  • Share & Exchange Recipes in Foodles which can be saved by other users and vice versa.

Amiyaa enables you to write your own Recipes through a simple format, which is easy to fill. You can thus document all your favourite recipes in one place and never lose the family’s culinary heritage ever.

You can just paste the recipe URL on the Meal Ideas home page to save. Also, when you search the Web through Amiyaa and want to save a URL, Amiyaa gives you a prompt “Save to Meal Ideas”.

The App scrapes the important information of that recipe to enable easy access of the information for you. In some cases, however it may not be possible to scrape the recipe details but the App will still save the Recipe Link, name and source for easy access. You may add/edit some details manually after saving the link to ensure that important information is not missing.

YES. The App will give you thousands of meal ideas from various sources and you may pick and choose as per your own preference.

You may get Meal Ideas from:

  • Have an Ingredient?:Find & save meal ideas based on various ingredients.
  • Discover Cuisines: Explore & Save interesting meal ideas from different culinary traditions.
  • Search for Recipes:Discover recipes on the internet and save them to your Meal Ideas
  • Write Your Own Recipe:This is where you can create and document your own recipes be it your family’s special recipes or the calorie specific meals that you would like to eat.
  • Save your favourite recipe links directly in the App.
  • Recipe Exchange in Foodles.

Every household has preferences unique to them. It is therefore important for everyone to create their own distinctive Family Menu.

To do this, one may simply list down all dishes and combinations eaten at home or SAVE Recipes or dish suggestions from the various options available in the App to one’s Meal Ideas first.

This is how the Family Menu will get created.

Next one may create Folders to organize all of one’s saved meal ideas according to occasion (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Party, Tiffin, Snacks etc,.), ingredients (Cauliflower, Soya, Millets, Chicken, Mutton etc,.) or any other categorization that one may prefer. This list of dishes can then be used for quick Meal Planning in the Plan section of the App.

The Meal Plans can be made easily by you from the Meal Ideas that you save in the App.

Amiyaa will provide tools and suggestions to enable you to make optimal meal plans for yourself and the family since you know your own requirements best.

Amiyaa enables you to search and save Meal ideas of your choice in the App.

The various ways by which you can generate Meal Ideas in the App are from:

  1. Your own Recipes or details of food eaten in your home.
  2. Recipes from Ingredients available with you
  3. Recipes of various cuisines of your choice.
  4. Recipes downloaded and saved from the web
  5. Recipes saved from FOODLES

You can use any one of the above or a combination of all to make interesting meal plans for yourself and your family very easily in the PLAN module of the App.

Yes, it is possible to repeat the dishes in your Meal Plan, once the meal plan is made.

Amiyaa App is very flexible and open ended to accommodate any/all types of user requirements.

You can collect and organise healthy Meal Ideas with your preferences and required nutrition parameters and use those to plan the meals.

With Amiyaa, can create a Meal Plan to fit in any cuisine/food type/lifestyle that you would like to plan for.

Once you have enough Meal Ideas saved for yourself, planning meals in Amiyaa App is very simple. Simply Drag & Drop the chosen meals into the desired meal boxes of a particular date. Repeat for other dates & Save. You can also set Prep Reminders for all your meal plans once they are made.

Yes. You can share your Meal Plan & Shopping List with others by pressing on the share icon.

Alternatively, you can download the Meal Plan/Shopping List and share it with others through various channels.

Foodles is the Social Feed of AMIYAA where users can interact with each other over their common interest of Food. It is a great place to share and exchange recipes, ask your food related queries, solve someone else’s issues with helpful tips & advice. A reference of some terminology is given below:

  • FOODLE: A concise food related comment or conversation.
  • FOODLES: The collection of concise food related comments / conversations.
  • FOODLERS: All people who are involved with the Food related conversations on AMIYAA.
  • MY FOODLES: All Foodles posted by me!

Once you open your recipe in the view mode and tap on the three dots on top left corner, you will get options to share the recipe in Foodles (which we would like) or outside the app through other social media channels.

You can choose to “Favourite” any Recipes in the various folders you have created in Meal Ideas by tapping on the icon. All favourite items of the folder will move to the top in that folder. You can use this hack for quick meal planning.

Yes. Once your Meal Plan is ready you may add ingredients to Shopping list from the listed ingredients for the said Meal Plan. You can edit (add/delete) the list according to your requirement in the Shopping List Module.

Most households plan their household purchases on a monthly basis. AMIYAA enables you to create a Master List of your Monthly Purchase once so that you don’t have to make it from scratch every month.

You may then proceed to make your Shopping List from any/all of the following ways:

  • Add items to your shopping list from the Master List.
  • Add/Edit the main ingredients of your Meal Plan directly in the Shopping List.
  • You can go to the Shopping list tab to add individual items.
  • You can also add other household requirements (non-grocery items as well).

With Amiyaa, you can “shop with purpose” and never struggle with multiple lists ever again.

Yes, you can add any item that you want to buy in the shopping list in AmiyaaApp. This can include Non-Grocery items too.

Yes, you can share the shopping list with others through other social media channels and print it if you need to. Though, we recommend accessing it on the phone only and not waste paper unless absolutely necessary.

You can click on your Profile Picture and scroll down the menu to the section “Write a Feedback”. Do the needful and press on the Submit button and push the ball to our court! ;-)

We will work on your feedback and reach out to you, if required.