Frequently Asked Questions

AMIYAA: What’s Cooking? can be downloaded from the IOS App Store and the Google Play Store.​

Amiyaa is a free App and will continue to be free for the foreseeable future.

Presently all the services in Amiyaa are free. We may offer In-App purchases later.

Presently, Amiyaa is only available via application on iOS and Android mobile devices.

For now the chosen language of Amiyaa is English and Hinglish (Hindi in English Script).

We would request you to explore the “How it Works” sections. Click on your profile picture and scroll down the menu to access this section.

We have put together simple instructions with images to help you understand how to use Amiyaa and get the best out of the App.

No, you will have to make the Meal Plan yourself. After all who knows your preferences better than yourself. Amiyaa will provide tools and suggestions to enable you to make optimal meal plans for yourself and the family.

There are various ways in which you can make your meal plans in AMIYAA:

  1. Make Meal Plan from Ingredients available with you
  2. Make Meal Plans from Amiyaa’s List of ingredients.
  3. Make Meal Plans from Recipes / information downloaded and saved (from the web and our Social Feed – FOODLES) in the Library
  4. Make Meal Plans from My Handy List of Family Favourites in the Library
  5. Making Meal Plans from My Recipes folder in the Library.

You can use any one of the above or a combination of all to make interesting meal plans for your self and your family.

Yes, it is possible to repeat the dishes in your Meal Plan within the same plan.

With Amiyaa, you can create a Meal Plan to fit in any cuisine that you would like to plan for. You can include Italian, Mexican , Chinese, Japanese, Lebanese, Mediterranean etc etc cuisines in your meal plans. It is all in your hands. Amiyaa is yours to mold according to your preferences.

The My Handy List Folder in the Library is very useful. Every household has a few favourite dishes and dish combinations. One has to simply list down all such dishes and combinations (No recipe required). All other custom additions through the “Add your Own” feature during Meal Planning also get added here. These can then be used for quick Meal Planning.

Yes. You can share your meal plan with others by pressing on the share icon. Alternatively, you can download the Meal Plan into your Photo Gallery and share it with others through various media.

Foodles is the growing community of Food Enthusiasts on Amiyaa. It is the Social Feed module of AMIYAA where users interact with each other over their common interest of Food.

A reference of some terminology is given below:

  • FOODLE: A concise food related comment or conversation.
  • FOODLES: The collection of concise food related comments / conversations.
  • FOODLERS: All people who are involved with the Food related conversations on AMIYAA.
  • MY FOODLES: All Foodles posted by me !

Amiyaa’s Library is your personally Curated Cookbook. It contains:

  • The links/URLs of Recipes and Cooking Videos that you have saved from the web. You can personalize this by adding your own notes. (SAVED FROM THE WEB)
  • Your personal hand typed recipes. (OWN RECIPES)
  • Recipes shared on FOOODLES by other users. (SAVED FROM FOODLES)
  • A Handy List of all food that is liked by the family. This also contains all the Dishes that you have custom added while planning your meals through the “Add your Own” feature. (MY HANDY LIST)
  • A list of Favourites from all the above shelves of the Library. It aids in easy and quick meal planning. (FAVOURITES LIST)

Amiyaa also provides an In-App Search (of the Library) and a Web search function to enable you to explore and find recipes easily.

At this point of time, Amiyaa is not providing its own Recipes.

However, Amiyaa is enabling the users to:

  • Access and Explore the recipes on the world wide web and save their respective links/URLs.
  • Write and Save their own recipes and
  • Share Recipes with each other on Foodles and/or other media.

Amiyaa enables you to write your own Recipes through a simple format, which is easy to fill. These then get saved in the OWN RECIPES folder in your Library. You can thus document all your favourite recipes in one place.

When you search the Web through Amiyaa and want to save a URL, Amiyaa gives you a prompt “ Save this Link”. Before you press on this link, we recommend that you take a screenshot of the dish image from the webpage and use it later to put it next to your Saved link.

You will have to add a few details manually after saving the link to enable easy access of the information. The details include Name of the Dish, Picture of the Dish, Main Ingredients, Any note on Cuisine, category, or any Tag you may want to put.

My Handy List List consists of all your and family’s favorite meals and dishes listed by yourself. This also contains all the Dishes that you have custom added while planning your meals through the “Add your Own” feature.

Once you have this list handy, it can be used for quick meal planning.

You can choose to “Favourite” any Recipes or Video links from the various sources available in your Library. Favorites List consists of all the references you have added to your Favourites List from “My Handy List, Saved from Foodles, Saved From Web and Own Recipes” Stacks.

You can use this for quick meal planning.

Yes. Once your Meal Plan is ready Amiyaa will give you an option to add ingredients to Shopping list from the listed ingredients for the said Meal Plan. You can edit (add/delete) the list according to your requirement in the Shopping List Module.

Amiyaa allows you to make Shopping Lists which includes all your household needs – you can custom add both Grocery and Non-Grocery items.

With Amiyaa, you can “shop with purpose” and never struggle with multiple lists ever again.

Amiyaa’s Shopping List feature works in the following way:

  • Add/Edit the main ingredients of your Menu Plan directly in the Shopping List.
  • You can add ingredients from a specific recipe to your shopping list directly from the information you have manually added while saving the Recipe/URL.
  • You can go to the Shopping list tab to add individual items.
  • You can add other household requirements (non-grocery items as well) from the Custom List.

Yes, you can add any item that you want to buy in the shopping list on Amiyaa. This can include Non-Grocery items too.

Yes, you can share the shopping list with others and print it if you need to. Though, we recommend accessing it on the phone only and not waste paper unless absolutely necessary.​

You can click on your Profile Picture and scroll down the menu to the section “Write a Feedback”. Do the needful and press on the Submit button and push the ball to our court! ;-)