AMIYAA : What’s Cooking?


AMIYAA : What’s Cooking?

Community Guidelines

Welcome to Foodles!

Foodles is a community OF Food Enthusiasts, FOR the Foodies and BY those whose lives revolve around food.

If Food interests you, you’ve got to be a Foodler!

You could be cooking for your self, your family, and others. All Die-hard Foodies, Proficient Chefs, Tentative Cooks, Food Bloggers, Nutritionists, Caterers - you need to be here for this is the most happening place to discuss and learn more about food. From sharing Recipes, Ideas and cooking tips to asking questions to fellow members, this group has it all.

The language of communication in this group is English and Hinglish (Hindi in English script) for now.

We would request you to mind your table manners as you join us here, and help us maintain a dignified conversation by keeping the below guidelines in mind while you interact with the rest of the community.

Please note that if your contributions don’t comply with our Terms & Conditions or these Community Guidelines, it will be deleted without any notice and removed from Foodles.


Feel free to have a freewheeling dignified discussion here, as one would have with friends over dinner!

Food is a diverse and deep topic in itself. There will always be so much to know and even more to learn. So keep an open mind and have a Foodler of a time!

While commenting, we request you to keep the following in mind:

  • Stick to the topic of Food in all interactions on Foodles.
  • One can share pictures of Dishes that one has made
  • One can share Recipes of one’s special dishes
  • One can ask a question about Food
  • One can start a conversation around an interesting Food topic
  • One can share Food related information and trivia.
  • ... you get the drift?
Don’t s

Feel free to have a freewheeling dignified discussion here, as one would have with friends over dinner!

Anonymous posts are not permitted; in order to be a part of Foodles, one must accurately fill all the mandatory fields on the Personal Profile section;

  • No Dis-respect to other's dishes or cuisine is permissible. Amiyaa respects all cuisines from all parts of the country and the world.
  • No ridicule, rudeness, offensive or profane language, condescension, or any comment or post in poor taste and/or of political/religious nature.
  • No promotions or spam
  • No hate speech or bullying
  • No solicitation and stalking fellow members.
  • No Breach of Intellectual property and copyright in any way.
  • No Posting photos without any description or non-food related content.
  • No unrelated content to be posted viz., Avoid putting pictures and content about pets, children, personal pictures – you get the idea? This is not the forum for it.
  • Do not advertise your business and products here on Foodles. All content of a commercial nature will have to be approved and posted through the Amiyaa system.
  • No content to be posted which violates any regulations or laws of the applicable region/country;

All postings are subject to Amiyaa’s Terms & Conditions and may be removed at any time at the sole discretion of Amiyaa without any prior notice.

Now that we’ve taken care of all that, go have some fun on Foodles.

PS: We’re glad you’re here!


The views, information, or opinions expressed on Foodles are solely those of the individuals involved and do not represent those of Amiyaa Innovations Pvt Ltd., and its employees and partners.

Amiyaa does not exercise any editorial judgment or take any responsibility for the content or views expressed on Foodles.

Amiyaa reserves the right to update these Community Guidelines at any time, without prior notice. So do keep yourself updated by revisiting these guidelines from time to time. By continuing to use Foodles, you consent to be bound by these Community Guidelines.